Writers, what are you doing this weekend? Why not…

Why not write a 2,000 word Twisted tale for the ‘Twisted50’ initiative, to be published in the Spring as the first in a series of short story horror books. The deadline is Monday night at midnight, so this weekend is the ideal opportunity to write that story that has been haunting your dreams… More on […]

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Create50… Twisted50 short horror story competition closes on Monday

If you have a 2,000 word or less short Twisted Tale in you, this weekend is your last chance to relax into the cold and dank shallow grave of your mind and get it out and onto paper. Judging will begin on Tuesday and the selected fifty stories will be included in Twisted50 to be […]

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Script To Screen LIVE! This Saturday on the BBC2 for ‘Papadopoulos & Sons’ (Nov 28th ’15)

I wanted to let you know about an extraordinary British Film called ‘Papadopoulos & Sons’ that is screening on BBC2 on Saturday night at 9:55. Writer and Director Marcus Markou has been a regular at the festival, interviewing guests and directing at the Actors Table Reads. And he has shared the Shooting Script with us […]

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Top five legal questions asked by screenwriters… Answered by our lawyer

At the London Screenwriters Festival each year we run a legal clinic with lawyer Julian Wilkins. A number of questions get asked repeatedly, so we thought we would ask Julian these questions and record as a podcast you can listen here. The most common legal questions are… I have a great idea for a story […]

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Join our THUNDERCLAP for ‘Twisted:50’

What is a THUNDERCLAP? It’s a site the co-ordinates over 100 Facebook updates and Twitter updates at the same time in order to create a trending topic on Social Media. How does it work? You sign up – it takes about 60 seconds – and authorise Thunderclap to post JUST ONCE to your Facebook timeline […]

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RadioLSF LIVE Tonight… 19:00 UK time (Thursday Nov 5th)

Tune in for the first post London Screenwriters’ Festival show and reconnect with the passion, energy and pleasure of being around our tribe. Listen LIVE here on this blog or, as a LondonSWF delegate in www.LSFConnect.com where you can join directly in the conversation in the chat room. See you online later! Chris Jones www.LondonSWF.com

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LondonSWF2015 371

We End By Beginning #LondonSWF

  When the London Screenwriters’ Festival comes to a close there’s always a sad tinge alongside the elation. We leave rooms full of cheers and comradeship, nerves and excitement, knowledge and rainmakers of the industry to return to our computers, to sit by ourselves and pull stuff out of our heads to put onto a page. […]

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LondonSWF2015 326

JAWS: Script to Screen Live with Carl Gottlieb ~ #LondonSWF

With the opportunity to read the original screenplay in the approach to the festival, then a chance to see the film with the screenwriter’s live commentary, Script to Screen Live events are a real treat of the London Screenwriters’ Festival. When the film is a monster success like JAWS on the 40th anniversary of it’s release it’s a sensational experience. Jaws was a phenomenal […]

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LondonSWF2015 299

Breaking into C4: Fast Track Into TV Drama

C4’s 4Screenwriting program 4Screenwriting was initiated and has been run by Phillip Shelley since 2011 helping to facilitate and fast-track writer’s careers in the television industry. He joined us today to talk about the initiative along with co-ordinator Lisa Walters and two of the programs alumni, screenwriters Anna Symon and Jane Eden. In it’s sixth year the program is […]

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LondonSWF2015 259

Jeff Norton: Creating Rich And Believable Words #LondonSWF

  In a very practical LSF session writer-producer and author Jeff Norton talked to us about creating an immersive world for characters to inhabit and have us begin to flesh out and document the story world for our own personal screenplay. People after all are creations of nature and nurture, who they are, why they act the way they act, what […]

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LondonSWF2015 041cr

Christopher McQuarrie: From the Usual Suspects to Mission Impossible. #LondonSWF

Sharing his journey to success in an interview with Rogue Nation editor Eddie Hamilton, Christopher McQuarrie began speaking with the words “I was always in love with telling stories.” As a child he would write stories to entertain himself. When discovered doing this, a teacher asked if that’s what he wanted to do when he was grown […]

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LondonSWF2015 013

Stephen Poliakoff: Exploring the Uncomfortable #LondonSWF

Interviewed by producer Nik Powell, Stephen Poliakoff joined us for a talk about his work, career and having a strong voice while dealing with some of the uncomfortable topics he tackles in his writing. Starting out in the theatre Stephen had some plays at The Bush that did well, particularly when Mary Whitehouse tried to […]

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LondonSWF2015 114

Kajaki Script to Screen #LondonSWF

Kajaki screenwriter Tom Williams and director Paul Katis joined us to talk about writing a contemporary British war movie, the conception and writing of the idea and staying true to their concept as they brought the project to screens. The guys had been working in the corporate sector, often working from case studies and crafting […]

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LondonSWF2015 011

Pilar Alessandra: Tools to get Unstuck ~ #LondonSWF

When you’re writing story with many elements it’s easier than you think to find yourself in a place where you have a problem continuing. It’s a difficult place to be in as a writer, frustrating, defeating, maddening and depressing. Sometimes we need a bit of help, whether that’s in knowing the tools we can use to get through the […]

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LondonSWF2015 103

Being Human in a Fantastical World ~ #LondonSWF

Without elements of humanity science fiction and fantasy worlds can be cold, bleak places that lack resonance with the humans that look in on them. Nicole Perlman and Toby Whithouse joined Jeff Norton for a lively session about finding our humanity through watching characters in fantastical worlds. Shows of any kind go through periods of development before ever reaching […]

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