There is no conspiracy to keep good writers out of the industry

‘There is no conspiracy to keep good writers out of the industry’. This was a quote from TV exec John Yorke that really resonated with me at the weekend during the Writing TV masterclass we ran with Pilar Alessandra. It’s actually a quote from Poldark screenwriter and LSF speaker this year Debbie Horsfield that John […]

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Top Ten Tips For Making Shorts from GFilm Alum Lee Greenhough

GFilm alum Lee Greenhough has just completed his recent short, post the previous Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass and I asked him to share some of his insights so we can all learn from his experience. So it’s taken me just over 11 months to make my latest short film ‘Three Strikes’ and every time I make […]

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Who Murdered The Inventor Of Film and Why? New Documentary ‘The First Film’.

Last week ‘The First Film’, a documentary that I co-produced, premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival to some acclaim. It’s about the mystery behind the inventor of the moving image, Louis LePrince, who he has never been credited with its invention. Why? Because as he was about to unveil it, he disappeared dramatically. Murder? Suicide? […]

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Breaking Into Script Reading Feedback Huge Success: Read the feedback

Last weekend we ran our hugely successful Breaking Into Script Reading with Lucy V Hay. It was so successful that we have already set a date for the course again next year. You can see the course and sign up for next year HERE and read the feedback below. Pictures on our Flickr page HERE. […]

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Top Ten Things To Consider When Mixing The Sound For Your Film In A Professional Dubbing Theatre or Mixing Suite

Last week we did the final sound mix for ‘Be Heard’ at a top facility in central London, inside a state of the art dubbing theatre. I have been present at the mix of many films now, features and shorts, and there are certain patterns and things you can do to get the most from […]

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Grim Studies The Script

Dragons, Reapers and Guerilla Filmmaking: Turning Writer to Director With My First Short ‘Brian & the Grim Reaper’

Guest post by Eben Skilleter Ahead of the final Guerilla Filmmakers 2 Day Masterclass next month, I asked past delegates to share their post event experiences. Here’s what Eben Skilleter got up to… Inspiration, Then Perspiration – Pre-production Trudging across a Hampshire field, in full retreat from the merciless weather, I wonder if I’ve gone […]

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Robert McKee on Writing For Television and WHY we should be excited by the prospects

Last year we asked Robert McKee to share his thoughts on Writing for TV with the LSF community, the article being printed in the Screenwriters Festival book that was given to all delegates. It’s so good, we thought we should share it with you here too. LSF – Is TV the new feature film format? […]

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Meet the outstanding team of film professionals who are running the new Create50 initiative ‘The Impact’.

Meet the outstanding team of film professionals who are running the new Create50 initiative ‘The Impact’. You really should get involved in ‘The Impact’. Current team members include Chris Jones (heading it up), Screenwriter Joe Eszterhas (of Basic Instinct notoriety) who written the opening for ‘The Impact’, Producer Gub Neal who formerly ran Cha4 drama, […]

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Create50: ‘The Impact’ Goes Live

We have launched our new web platform for Create50 and also the first new initiative, ‘The Impact’. How would humanity respond to the news of an impending asteroid impact that would eviscerate life on earth? With two hours left, what would happen? Can you write a two page script for the feature film that will […]

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Shooting ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ with DP’s John Seale and David Burr: 2 hour masterclass

Update: This video now geolocked, watch on Vimeo with the link. I finally caught up with ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ (having a newborn does kind of tale over). Wow. Seriously WOW. Just when I thought the movie could not get any crazier, it somehow managed to take me to even greater demented and deranged action […]

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Six Lessons I Learned Making My First Feature

Guest post by Ewan Thomas, Writer / Director I started working in the film industry 10 years ago, in post-production. But I’d always wanted to shoot my own film, so I moved to London wanting to “make it” as a film director. Shoot my first feature film. This means facing challenges and obstacles – so […]

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Make YOUR movie NOW… Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass 2015

I will be running my final two day Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass over the weekend on July 25th / 26th at Regents University, London – £69 for the two days. To date I have made four feature films, all released in theatres, been Oscar shortlisted, won the Producers Guild Of America best short award, written seven […]

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How The Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass led directly to my first feature film: You can’t climb Everest on your own!

Guest post by Tom Kerevan Tom Kerevan went from fresh-faced screenwriter at the Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass, to writer/producer of completed feature, Tear Me Apart. All in under 3 years. First things first, let’s be clear… GFilm is not just a Masterclass. It’s an event. And like most noteworthy events, it has the power to ripple […]

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Robert Redford: Top 9 quotes for filmmakers and storytellers

Movie star, filmmaker and founder of Sundance, Redford has had a fascinating career with some extraordinary movies and collaborations. First and foremost an actor and artist, his fusion with commerce is what gives him such interesting perspective, particularly to indie filmmakers who he clearly loves. Here are his top quotes… ‘Storytelling is important. Part of […]

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Top Ten Reasons Why YOU Should Come To The FINAL Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass 2 Day Film School

The Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass 2015 is a two day event designed to get you making YOUR movie NOW! And this is the FINAL Guerilla Masterclass EVER. It will help you avoid mistakes, it will save you money and it will guide you through the seemingly infinite choices that lay ahead… And the workshop is […]

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