Guerilla Filmmaking at BVE_022

Avoid the fetish of ‘kit’ and allow your creativity to flourish

‘The cameras, lenses, cranes, batteries, tripods, drones… the ‘kit’… will not make you a great filmmaker.’ That was one core message I shared at BVE onstage yesterday, and if the organisers find out, it’s likely I will never be invited back! Taking action now, making stuff now, learning about story now, working with actors now… […]

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Why we should all be embracing smaller film budgets and innovating

On Thursday I will be keynote speaker at the BVE conference in London (Excel Centre). It’s billed as ‘Top Tips for getting your first feature off the ground’. Actually that’s a simple 60 second conversation – get a camera, a script, some actors, a small crew, a bit of cash, shoot it, edit it, make […]

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How best to be a filmmaker in 2015?

Keep the investment to a minimum and the innovation to a maximum. We are living inside a technological and social evolution / revolution the scale of which the planet has never seen before. Being inside it, it looks slow, but judged in historical timescales, it’s extraordinarily rapid. The rules are changing so much and so […]

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Whenever you feel like giving up, remember… Victory is close

More than once I have heard successful creative people complain that it’s too hard for people to break into the business as there is simply too much competition. It’s an easy assertion to make from the top. Made with good intention I am sure. It’s an even easier assertion to make from the bottom too, […]

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Is your film in danger of being lost forever? You may say no, but give it a decade and technological revolution…

Five years ago I was invited to speak to the European heads of Kodak, about why so many filmmakers were switching to digital, and how Kodak could develop new business. Editor friend Eddie Hamilton joined me and he presented Kodak with what I thought was an inspired idea. Kodak should become the gold standard in […]

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Shooting With Drones: Ten tips for filming astounding footage on a shoestring

Guest post by Sebastian Solberg Drones will and are already revolutionising filmmaking, allowing cash strapped filmmakers to achieve jaw dropping, cinematic results that have previously only been available to Hollywood productions. Watch the film above in HD. I’ve been working with drones on and off for a few years now but at the end of […]

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Ray Bradbury: Top 15 quotes for writers and dreamers

As a kid, science fiction was the most exciting genre to me. Perhaps this was because it writ ideas large. Sure character, plot and authenticity were often there, but they always seemed to play second fiddle to the BIG idea. And I loved that. It was the purest form of imagination that to my mind, […]

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Screenwriters: The Seven Hoops You Need To Pass Through To Get Your Script from IDEA to SET to SCREEN…

We all have great ideas we think will make great films or TV shows. And maybe they will. But the greatest impediment a project needs to overcome is not only great stories well told, but projects that inspire action from people involved at each stage of the process. Key to success is knowing that at […]

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Building a Better Site and Engine for Create 50

For the last month or so we have been Beta testing and building the new site for the next Create50. Key to this new site is community and creative interaction. People can, and are encouraged, to offer feedback and collaborate on projects and scripts. And so far it’s coming along very nicely. For the tech […]

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50 Kisses World Record30

Create 50… Which idea do you think we should do?

So we are VERY close to launching the next Create 50 after the success of ‘50 Kisses’ and I wanted to ask for your feedback on some ideas we have before we commit and launch. You can get more information on the last feature film we made on the 50 Kisses website HERE. We have […]

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We did it! Funded AND Stretch Funded in under 24 hours!

YES! Patrick and Tila can now find a home! Yesterday afternoon, when I saw that our campaign hit the front page of IndieGoGo, because we apparently had the GoGoFactor, I know we were headed for success. If you missed the story, you can read it HERE, but in short, two of our LSF volunteers from […]

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LSF volunteers Tila and Patrick had all their money stolen by a devious con-artist and are homeless… Let’s get them back on track!

CONTRIBUTE HERE Tila and Patrick are two of our wonderful volunteers who offer their time and incredible support to The London Screenwriters’ Festival and delegates. They make a difference in peoples lives. Last Autumn they took a huge risk and flew over from Canada to the UK, not just because they love London, but because […]

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Life is occuring…

For the past four months or so I have been pretty much offline, off social media and not updating my blog. Life has thrown me some pretty significant curve balls. Last summer, Lucia and I underwent IVF. We were delighted that on our very first round we had success! We now know (pretty much down […]

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Talent is great but relationships get you hired: top ten tips to getting the gig in film and TV (aside from your talents)

Talent is great but relationships get you hired. I offered this advice via Facebook to a filmmaker friend today who was frustrated after applying for a mountain of jobs (mainly in TV production) and getting virtually no traction, let alone interest or meetings / interviews. Film and television is a highly social business and this […]

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Top Quotes from spectacle-meister Cecil B. Demille

The first film that impacted on me significantly was ‘The Ten Commandments’ which I believe was the first film I saw in a cinema. It was, for a five year old by in the seventies, a quasi religious experience that has never left me. Whether god truly exists or not, to me, God was present […]

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