Top tips for directing when you’re the only beginner on set by Kat Wood

Earlier this year I directed my first short film. I had always thought that making my first film would be similar to most other people’s first short film experience – it’d be small scale, probably filmed in or around my own house with just a few people to help out. More like a ‘practice and […]

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left to right alice henley (actor), justin marosa (actor), stuart black (writer-director), nick mather (writer-director), romain kedochim (dop). photo by paul bence and daniel lipinski

How to win the Sci-Fi London 48 Hour Challenge

Writer-director Stuart Black spills the secrets May 4th is said to be a lucky day for Star Wars fans, but for me and my team it was a day for gnawing fingernails right down to the knuckles. Having got into the top ten of the Sci-Fi London 48 Hour Film Challenge, we were impatiently waiting […]

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Top Ten Tips for Crowdfunding Your Feature Film by Stephen Follows

We filmed this short video with Stephen Follows last week to offer a glimpse into what you can expect at his two day masterclass next month (www.SuccessfulCrowdfunding.co.uk) It’s amazing when you consider that Kickstarter has now raised over $1bn for indie filmmakers. Let that number settle for a moment. Then ask ‘why don’t I have […]

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What are you doing this weekend? Want to watch a stunning cold war drama and true Brit indie film?

My good friends Shamim Sharif and Hanan Kattan have their third feature released in cinemas this weekend. It’s called ‘Despite the Falling Snow’ and stars Charles Dance and MI:5 actress Rebecca Ferguson. It’s a beautiful film and 100% indie too. Both have committed to sharing with us their insight and journey so we can learn […]

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Litopia After Dark Radio Show

Last week I was a guest on the wonderful Litopia After Dark radio show which you can listen to below. I was sharing the airwaves with authors Shamin Sarif and David Sanger and what resulted is an hour of wonderfully eclectic conversation around writing. Loosely. http://www.radiolitopia.com/enclosures/lad/lad_265.mp3   The official site is HERE. Onwards and upwards! […]

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Filmmakers: How to sell a product AND change the world

For me this short film perfectly illustrates how traditional advertising AND powerful filmmaking can not just co-exist, but flourish. It’s an exciting trend that we are seeing over and over. The reason why this works so well is that it offers a powerful truth AND also offers a solution. Crucially, it’s not a quick fix […]

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Cropped shot of a beautiful young android

The Singularity 50… What do YOU think our future history looks like?

We want YOU to help write the backbone for the next Create50 book. The next book from Create50 is ‘The Singularity 50’.  It will be SciFi stories of 2,000 words or less about the day leading up to the Singularity, and the actual day that technology looks down on humanity, evolving beyond us. We plan […]

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Listen to Joseph Campbell Lectures: The Power of Myth and Storytelling online and free

Anyone who has seen me speak at the London Screenwriters’ Festival or come to the Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass will know that I hold in high regard the ‘heros journey’ story model. It was first and most comprehensively written about by Joseph Campbell (and famously plundered by George Lucas with Star Wars). Many story models are […]

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How to Turn Your Followers into Doers… How I did it in my Fantasy Epic by Kate Madison

In today’s connected, online world, filmmakers have to build and nurture their fan bases so that they always have a ready-made audience for their next film or crowdfunding campaign. But have you considered involving your followers directly in the making of your film? If not, you could be overlooking a valuable asset. In 2009 I […]

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One Create50 horror story of how a writer lost their script… completely

When was the last time you backed up all your data, including your scripts? One screenwriter who wrote a script for The Impact 50 lost their work as they accidentally saved the wrong draft on top of their most recent draft. That’s a simple mistake to make, but can be catastrophic. And how many of […]

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Create50: The Impact… Can you write a two page script? Deadline looming

If you have not yet submitted your script to The Impact, time is running out for both you… and humanity! MORE HERE With the opening scene written by Joe Eszterhas, fifty other writers will share a screen credit with him on the final feature film ‘The Impact’. That is pretty damn cool. So… can you […]

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Keep an eye out for the iconic!

Extreme Shooting: Filming and editing ‘Burning Man’

Guest Post: Writer, producer Mike Mindel (Don’t Let Him In) is back with Top 10 Things Learned Making Burning Man :: Release! Tune in for Burning Man :: Release! which goes live on Sunday, December 20th at 8pm: http://ihippy.me/burning-man-release-is-live 18 months ago I (Mike) joined Camp Symposium and headed to Burning Man again, this time to […]

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Star Wars: The Force Awakes European Premiere

Last night I attended the European premiere of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’. I loved the film and I am saying nothing about it. What I wanted to share is the value of having an outstanding premiere for our films. Clearly Disney went to town on the Star Wars premiere and it was an amazing […]

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What an actor can really bring to your written words… The power of silence

Given context and the development of character and story, a great actor will usually suggest removing dialogue in key moments. They know they can do just as much, often more, using silence and connection with other performers. While this clip (that has been doing the rounds on social media for some time) is not of […]

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Writers, what are you doing this weekend? Why not…

Why not write a 2,000 word Twisted tale for the ‘Twisted50’ initiative, to be published in the Spring as the first in a series of short story horror books. The deadline is Monday night at midnight, so this weekend is the ideal opportunity to write that story that has been haunting your dreams… More on […]

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