Six Lessons I Learned Making My First Feature

Guest post by Ewan Thomas, Writer / Director I started working in the film industry 10 years ago, in post-production. But I’d always wanted to shoot my own film, so I moved to London wanting to “make it” as a film director. Shoot my first feature film. This means facing challenges and obstacles – so […]

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Make YOUR movie NOW… Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass 2015

I will be running my final two day Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass over the weekend on July 25th / 26th at Regents University, London – £69 for the two days. To date I have made four feature films, all released in theatres, been Oscar shortlisted, won the Producers Guild Of America best short award, written seven […]

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How The Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass led directly to my first feature film: You can’t climb Everest on your own!

Guest post by Tom Kerevan Tom Kerevan went from fresh-faced screenwriter at the Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass, to writer/producer of completed feature, Tear Me Apart. All in under 3 years. First things first, let’s be clear… GFilm is not just a Masterclass. It’s an event. And like most noteworthy events, it has the power to ripple […]

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Robert Redford: Top 9 quotes for filmmakers and storytellers

Movie star, filmmaker and founder of Sundance, Redford has had a fascinating career with some extraordinary movies and collaborations. First and foremost an actor and artist, his fusion with commerce is what gives him such interesting perspective, particularly to indie filmmakers who he clearly loves. Here are his top quotes… ‘Storytelling is important. Part of […]

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Top Ten Reasons Why YOU Should Come To The FINAL Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass 2 Day Film School

The Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass 2015 is a two day event designed to get you making YOUR movie NOW! And this is the FINAL Guerilla Masterclass EVER. It will help you avoid mistakes, it will save you money and it will guide you through the seemingly infinite choices that lay ahead… And the workshop is […]

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Tangerine: Shot on iPhone 5s and with near zero budget, the ultimate microbudget masterclass for filmmakers today

Tangerine, a no budget drama about trans sex workers in LA has been taking the festival circuit by storm, and it’s easy to see why. Watch the trailer. What’s key here is that it was shot on iPhones. I am not advocating every indie film be shot on an iPhone, but if you are procrastinating […]

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outside the gallery shot

How one actress took charge of her career and wrote, produced, directed and acted in her own film

Why actors should think like producers, a grass roots guide by Jennifer Karen I’ve acted in about 20 shorts, 3 independent feature films (including leading roles) and taken on some TV roles (plus commercials, voiceover work and theatre work) but I was sick of not seeing the results I was hoping for. I wanted to […]

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The Redeeming - Full cast and crew

14 tips for shooting your first feature film on a micro budget from Guerilla Film grad Brian Barnes

by Brian Barnes AKA – What I learned on the Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass that I used on set with my first feature film The Redeeming. I’ve taken Chris Jones’ Guerilla Filmmakers’ Masterclass twice – in 2011 and 2012. And you bet your bottom dollar I bought a ticket for this year’s last ever class the […]

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Top 38 Joss Whedon Quotes: ‘Write it. Shoot it. Publish it. Crochet it, sauté it, whatever. MAKE.’

To mark the launch of the second Avengers installment, I thought I would share 38 of my favourite Joss Whedon quotes. Undeniably, the man has extraordinary insight into story, but it’s his deep understanding of humanity that grabs me most. So much of the way he sees the world resonates for me. Every year we […]

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Why I choose to be an outstanding father.

Today the greatest adventure yet for my life begins. And the first great adventure for my son, Jack Lightspeed Jones, also begins. I am happy to report that after Lucia went into labour in the early hours of today, he was born at 7:30am this morning and is doing well, as is Lucia who has […]

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Why Star Wars endures so powerfully… It’s nothing to do with fan boys and EVERYTHING to do with values, courage and humanity

The Star Wars universe and characters give access to young hearts and minds to powerful truths and beliefs about good and evil. But most importantly for these young hearts and minds, it unlocks and unleashes courage and potential to take a stand for their OWN truths and beliefs. JJ Abrams knows this and there are […]

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14 Things I Learned Making An Epic Fantasy Feature Film On A Low-Budget

Last Sunday I was invited to introduce ‘Arthur and Merlin’ at the BFI, a new British fantasy epic shot on a remarkable budget. It’s released online TODAY at This is the first film you can rent via text message. I asked director Marco Van Belle to share some of his experiences so if we […]

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The four principles every creative needs to use when asking for help for their project: What we can learn from three Mexican schoolkids playing heavy metal

Over the weekend, three girls from Mexico went viral with a cover of classic metal anthem ‘Enter Sandman’ by Metallica. And these three girls, Daniela, Paulina and Alejandra, simply SLAYED IT! If you haven’t seen it yet, watch above So what can we take away from this success and apply to our own projects and […]

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Neil Gaiman Keynote Speech: Embracing Change and Mantra’s for a successful creative life

It’s the week leading up to the London Book Fair and I came across this keynote from the legendary Neil Gaiman from their Digital Minds conference. So much in this conversation resonates with me. Above all, for creatives, is the notion that we must create and set free our work. We must innovate ideas in […]

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Independent Filmmakers Rough Guide to Aperture, F-stops and Shutter Speed

I just came across this terrific chart (below) that clearly illustrates the impact choices of F stop (aperture), shutter speed and ISO makes on the photographed image. For camera people this is all fundamental stuff that must be grasped in order to shoot, but for many, it can be confusing and opaque. So for non […]

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