Gone Fishing at the Kodak Awards, 2008


No really, watch it first…

So the night came. The games played out….

And we won. Yes we actually won the Kodak Best Short Film Award, 2008. Right now I am overwhelmed by my phone ringing, emails arriving every minute, and all sorts of new opportunities opening up. So tomorrow, I will write a lengthier blog entry about the whole event and my reflections. But for now, if you were involved in the making of Gone Fishing, I just need to say THANK YOU – together we made a great movie, together we now take the first step on the ladder of success…

Who knows where the game will lead us…!


Also, we got DP Vernon, Editor Eddie and Producer Ivan to sign a few extra posters, so if you want one, you can read more about it here…

Onwards and yes, upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author


  1. john dredge says:


  2. The Veiled Prawn says:

    Congrats. Now the whole world will be made to pay I trust?

    Though if vengeance aint your thing, good luck getting the feature made!

  3. James says:

    Amazing=) Congrats!

  4. Ian says:

    Fantastic news… But more successes to come, I’m sure!

  5. Cecily says:

    Awesome news – Congratulations Chris!

  6. Jon Sorensen says:

    Many, many congratulations, Chris. Truly wonderful news!

  7. Jon Sorensen says:

    Many, many congratulations, Chris. Wonderful news, truly!

  8. Leilani says:

    Woooo wooooo!!! I’m thrilled for the film and for you Chris!!

    Wooo woooooo!!!

    *Leilani dances with glee*

  9. Chris Hocking says:

    Congradulations Chris and the rest of your amazing team and supporters!

    I’ve been following this blog from it’s creation, and it’s so satisfying to read that all of your hard work is paying off! You truly are an inspiration to film-makers everywhere!

    Keep up the amazing work! I can’t wait to see the feature film (and all the other ones that will follow after that)!

    I’m looking VERY forward to hearing about the rest of your epic journey! Don’t forget us loyal blog readers when you’re big and famous!

    Onward & Upward!

    Best Regards, Chris!

  10. Adrian & Catriona Bracken says:

    Both delighted for you and the team, looking forward to seeing that Oscar & then on to Rocketboy!

  11. Marino says:

    Hey Chris, congrats for the success. Well done! Make room in your new house for the little golden guy!

  12. Phil Janvier says:


  13. Rhys Davies says:

    Result. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

  14. Alex CW says:

    I don’t think anyone on this planet has worked as hard as you Chris and got so far! I’ m sure this is just the beginning!!

  15. Emily says:

    Awesome. Congratulations and well deserved.

  16. greg k says:

    Congratulations Chris. Couldnt have happened to a nicer guy,well done!

  17. David Talbot says:

    Well done Chris…of course, it WAS the best film by miles, so it would have been a travesty if it DIDN’T win. You’d better book your flight to L.A. now :o)

  18. Viking Wench says:

    Yay. 🙂

    Wow, We’re really made up for you.

    Bec et Dan.

  19. fishing kayak says:

    Felicitation which means congratulations in english, great job and keep moving forward.

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