I started making films at the age of 64… Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass

Last week I sent out an email to past Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass delegates to ask if they would share their stories.

I got one response from filmmaker Sue Shearing who said…

‘I am eight days into filming my second feature at 67 years old…. only started a couple of years ago! When do you need stories by?’


She apologised that she couldn’t send a more full report but as one can imagine, she has her hands full! I will certainly be chasing a full report once she wraps as her story is fabulous.

Her first film seems to have garnered enough good reviews and festival buzz that she has managed to finance her first feature film, ‘Archie’, a family film about a mute boy with learning difficulties.

Blimey! Go Sue SO! We are ALL behind you!

The next Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass is June 15th / 16th 2013 at Regents College, Regents Park, London.
Tickets are £135 for the two days (get £50 off with discount code CHRISJONES)

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones
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  1. Theresa says:

    Go Sue! So there’s hope for me! I’m only 56.

  2. Peter says:

    Well done Sue. Hope everything goes well for you. 🙂

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