Meet our youngest delegate at the Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass… and watch her Virgin Media Shorts entry… very cool

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So Meet Holly… here’s what she messaged me.

Hi Chris…I really don’t want to wait till I’m older. Please can I come this year? I’m only ten but I am a filmmaker! I love everything to do with film – acting, writing, directing, set designing, producing – I even like watching the odd film!!!!

I’ve finally persuaded my parents so if you say I can come I’ll be there!!!!!

I made my first video last year and I won a local competition with it. I’m just finishing the edit of my first “proper” short film and I’ve been asked to make a music video for a local singer next. I might be making a documentary after that! I’ve been acting for years too!

So what do you think? Please please please can I come?

Love Holly

Blimey charlie. That’s some initiative she is showing, and focus. And her film is terrific too. And you won’t believe the clarity and courage displayed in her advice to other delegates in the network (we ask everyone to share some advice).

So yes, Holly will be there this weekend, with her dad.

There are still passes – get £50 off with the code CHRISJONES and sign up here…

Onwards and upwards!

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  1. Frank says:

    Wow, when I was ten I was still figuring out how to tie my shoelaces!

    I hope she had a good time learning with you guys… because next year you’re going to have to book her as a guest speaker!

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