Well that happened…! Blood, guts and glory at Guerilla Film Masterclass

I promised I would leave EVERYTHING on the stage this weekend at the Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass… blood, buts, glory, passion, fear, failure, success…

And if the Tweets I am seeing today are anything to go by, I just about managed it.

I can tell you, my body certainly feels like I did – it’s shattered and really wanting my bed.

But my heart and mind are racing at 1,000 miles an hour. Like the delegates of #Gfilm 2013, right now ‘I feel like I could take on the whole galaxy myself…’ what do you say @SohoGuy? Turning up the Zimmer score for ‘Man Of Steel’ as I copy and past the Tweets below…. EPIC!

Here are some Tweets and network messages…

  • Everything happens for a reason. Was supposed to be working, but it got cancelled, which freed me to go to #Gfilm and change my life!
  • Wow. Just wow. Bravo @livingspiritpix!
  • Such a fun filled weekend of adventure – met so many inspiring people – thanx @livingspiritpix for your genius! It was EMOTIONAL!
  • What an inspiring weekend! My brain is buzzing. Thanks Chris @livingspiritpix for sharing your knowledge and energy.
  • Thanks so much @livingspiritpix for a fantastic and invaluable film masterclass this weekend! I totally recommend it to every filmmaker!
  • Thnx to @livingspiritpix for having me speak this morn. Thnx 4 all the kind comments from attendees. Live the dream and conquer.
  • Thanks for the support, Chris, and for the Masterclass! Terrific weekend with an amazing community of people.
  • What a great morning. Loads of advice, so inspiring!
  • Thank you very much Chris! It’s been a great few days and you’re a great inspiration!
  • Woke up buzzing with inspiration after 2 days on Chris Jones’s superb course guerillamasterclass.com
  • What a wonderful weekend #Gfilm was – inspiring, educational and downright truthful look at filmmaking.

  • Storiefied Tweet stream from #Gfilm from @Sofluid here – awesome resources
  • So after two tiring but inspiring days I went home to bed and… couldn’t sleep at all – totally buzzing!
    Mark Hampton
  • This weekend has easily been one of the best things I’ve ever done. Thank you Chris and everyone involved. It was amazing.
    David Buick
  • Thanks for the one of most amazing inspiring weekends! I’ve been buzzing all day :0) Can’t recommend your course enough! Brilliant!
    Louise McConnell
  • Amazing weekend. Adrenalin inspiration and icy reality checks. Well done Chris

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones
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