90 minute documentary ‘Halloween – A Cut Above the Rest’

john-carpenter-halloweenSomething for the weekend?

Seventies horror film ‘Halloween’ was a milestone that spawned a whole generation of teen splatter movies. This 90 minute doc is a wonderful watch for fans of this breakout hit. pdf-iconYou can read the shooting script HERE

  • While it was his third film, ‘Halloween’ launched John Carpenter into the big time. ‘Dark Star’ and ‘Assault On Precinct Thirteen’ both remain low budget masterclasses.
  • For some time Halloween remained the most profitable film ever made, costing $320k  (shot in 21 days) and grossing $70m
  • In true low budget style, the actors wore their own clothes as there was so little budget.
  • Half of the $320,000 budget was spent on the Panavison cameras so the film would have a 2:35:1 scope. Donald Pleasence was paid $20k for 5 days work.
  • John Carpenters score became an overnight classic and ushered in a decade of synth music scores, most of which were pale imitations.
  • No distributor would release the film, so the producers released it themselves. Sound familiar?
  • Steadicam was used extensively, a camera support system that had little cinematic exposure at the time. Their camera test footage recently surfaced. Below.

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  1. Kat says:

    Fascinating to see the steadicam test footage. One of the biggest joys as a film nerd is to see the inner workings of how films were made – especially films I love. Thanks for sharing!

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