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An Evening With Kevin Smith

A while back I posted a YouTube clip of Kevin Smith, and was prompted by a reader of the Blog to the DVD from which it was ripped. I promptly got hold of it and spent and evening chuckling at his anecdotes. The DVD set is a series of recorded seminars, filmed in America where […]

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Script Saver!

I have just been sending screenplays out, and I choose now to send everything out in A5 format, that’s half the size of normal A4. And I double side print, using a great program called Clickbook (which takes the headache out of it, and is both Mac and PC). I also bought a guillotine so […]

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The plot thickens…

You may recall I wrote about my friend Johnny Newman who made a short film called Foster, which I re-edited for him. How he got a copy to Pete Farrelly (of the Farrelly brothers) and who got a call from Pete. Well… As I write, Johnny is on a plane, Virgin Upper Class, on his […]

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British Bollywood Mash Up

Always on the look out for new ideas and ways to fund, I met with a Bollywoood producer. We came up with a concept that actually is quite interesting, though a practical nightmare. Essentially, shoot a movie twice – once with Brit actors, and the same movie again, but with Hindi actors. Literally do a […]

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Submitting scripts

I have been looking for a writer to work with me on a project, and once more, I am astonished at the way some people choose to communicate with the world. I made a simple request for a PDF of some work, and while the majority of writers were professional in their approach, some were […]

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DVD Cover printing – How to do it

I just wanted to tip you off about a really good company and deal I found. I have been making DVD’s for various projects and have, until now, printed out the DVD slips on my colour printer. On a one off basis it’s great, but do ten or more and with the printing time, trimming, […]

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Guerilla Filmmakers weekend masterlcass a success!

The Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass that we just held was a tremendous success, with 17 attendees leaving with clear visions of what to do next, as well as being empowered and enthused! Delegates flew in from Nigeria, India and Spain, as well as from the UK. Here are some comments… ‘Excellent presentation. My journey all […]

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