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Guerilla Filmmaking at BVE_022

Avoid the fetish of ‘kit’ and allow your creativity to flourish

‘The cameras, lenses, cranes, batteries, tripods, drones… the ‘kit’… will not make you a great filmmaker.’ That was one core message I shared at BVE onstage yesterday, and if the organisers find out, it’s likely I will never be invited back! Taking action now, making stuff now, learning about story now, working with actors now… […]

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Why we should all be embracing smaller film budgets and innovating

On Thursday I will be keynote speaker at the BVE conference in London (Excel Centre). It’s billed as ‘Top Tips for getting your first feature off the ground’. Actually that’s a simple 60 second conversation – get a camera, a script, some actors, a small crew, a bit of cash, shoot it, edit it, make […]

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