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Watch inspirational dance film shot over two years, umpteen countries and with four generations of iPhone… and meet the filmmaker

I met filmmaker Miklas Manneke at the Tampere Film Festival a few years ago and he recently shared this video he has shot on his travels. I asked him what he learned making it… (and check out his impressive Instagram too) Why did you choose to do this? This is a passion project that started […]

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Why we should all be embracing smaller film budgets and innovating

On Thursday I will be keynote speaker at the BVE conference in London (Excel Centre). It’s billed as ‘Top Tips for getting your first feature off the ground’. Actually that’s a simple 60 second conversation – get a camera, a script, some actors, a small crew, a bit of cash, shoot it, edit it, make […]

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How to shoot a wedding video on your iPhone, transfer to iPad and edit it… all before dinner!

This weekend I went to an Italian wedding with my other half Lucia. Not understanding a single word of the ceremony or speeches, I thought I would shoot an impromptu wedding video for the happy couple, Oreste and Sandrine. Realising I also had my iPad with me, I wondered, could I shoot, edit and present […]

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