The Funding Documents Arrive!

Finally, the funding proposals for ‘Gone Fishing’ have arrived from the printers. In the next few days we are going to be approaching everyone we know to help out and get involved. We will almost certainly be contacting you too! And if we don’t know you, but you are interested, you can contact us at […]

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HD Hammer Upgrade

It has got to that time where I needed to upgrade and dispose of a few hard drives. Typically I had a bunch of 60gb drives which, frankly, I had lost faith in. If I can’t trust that the drive won’t fail, and these babies were 6 years old, they are of no use – […]

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Time to bite the bullet (a small one at any rate)

I have become more involved in ‘Green’ issues recently, and so decided to bite the bullet on one aspect in my life where I have often felt like I don’t know the real answer. Solar power has always seemed like a no brainer for me. Free power from the sky. But does it really work […]

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Chris Jones Podcast

I have just done a PodCast interview for a film maker called Matt Morreale, at Yoga Maya Films. We had a good old chat over Skype for about 35 minutes and I hope Matt has been able to cut something useful from my comments. If you want to hear this interview, and Matt has others […]

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DIY mass DVD Duplication

Things are kicking off this end. One thing that has always eaten into my creative time is making DVD’s. So I am biting the bullet and making my own DVD duplicator. This is for all sorts of stuff, but I am looking now to the future with ‘Gone Fishing’ and ‘RocketBoy’. In my experience, people […]

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003 - The Bike copy

Total Film Three Part Feature

Now that the three part Total Film Articles, written by team Living Spirit, are no longer on the shelves, we have uploaded the whole lot to our website. That’s 26 Pages of starter tips and hints for making your first short film. It’s a 12mb PDF download and you can get it here… Onward and […]

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Rocketboy rewrite begins

I am working on the screenplay for Rocketboy today, and going over my notes from the reading last weekend. Two further things have since struck me. I can’t express just how valuable it was to hear my dialogue read out loud. It really does take on a new life – on the page and in […]

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