Youtube and $8 Website Sells Indie Film to MGM!

I was recently forwarded this story by a friend, and it shows that Youtube can get your filmmaking career noticed, and also grab the attention of Hollywood. Their micro-budgeted “A Dog’s Breakfast” has not only sold to MGM Studios worldwide, but spun off a pilot development deal with NBC/Universal. Hewlett (of TV show Stargate fame) […]

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Script Saver!

I have just been sending screenplays out, and I choose now to send everything out in A5 format, that’s half the size of normal A4. And I double side print, using a great program called Clickbook (which takes the headache out of it, and is both Mac and PC). I also bought a guillotine so […]

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The plot thickens…

You may recall I wrote about my friend Johnny Newman who made a short film called Foster, which I re-edited for him. How he got a copy to Pete Farrelly (of the Farrelly brothers) and who got a call from Pete. Well… As I write, Johnny is on a plane, Virgin Upper Class, on his […]

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British Bollywood Mash Up

Always on the look out for new ideas and ways to fund, I met with a Bollywoood producer. We came up with a concept that actually is quite interesting, though a practical nightmare. Essentially, shoot a movie twice – once with Brit actors, and the same movie again, but with Hindi actors. Literally do a […]

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Submitting scripts

I have been looking for a writer to work with me on a project, and once more, I am astonished at the way some people choose to communicate with the world. I made a simple request for a PDF of some work, and while the majority of writers were professional in their approach, some were […]

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DVD Cover printing – How to do it

I just wanted to tip you off about a really good company and deal I found. I have been making DVD’s for various projects and have, until now, printed out the DVD slips on my colour printer. On a one off basis it’s great, but do ten or more and with the printing time, trimming, […]

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