£10k Comp for Genre Movies

I just got this email about a £10k competition… It’s for genre work, which you know is up my street, so check it out. You may have heard that we’ve launched a new round of 25 Words Or Less, this time alongside Warp X, Vertigo and Slingshot, geared towards writing for low budget features. We’d […]

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Have you thought about it?

Many new drama film makers are turning to documentary as a REAL WAY TO MAKE MONEY and survive! We at Living Spirit have done so already. Have you thought about it? What are you currently doing to stay afloat? Have you thought about using your camera, editing software and website as a real way to […]

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Everything is negotiable…

Part of the Total Film article I just wrote, wasn’t used. It’s an exercise really, to get us all used to negotiating more than we feel comfortably doing. This will give you an edge. So here is the text… Everything is negotiable To a film producer, every penny spent is a penny that could be […]

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Print out and stick in your loo!

As a way to inspire you and us, to write better scripts, we have been working on a number of A4 pages to print, read, and stick in your loo / next to you bed / under your mouse-mat. We are starting with one that was in part posted on Jurgen Wollf’s Time To Write […]

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Free Writers Tools!

I just wanted to share with you an amazing little utility I found for writers on a PC. It’s a Dictionary / Thesaurus affair, and much more. It is called WordWeb, and it#s is easy to install and use. It features it’s own dictionaries, and can also link to web based content like WikiPedia. When […]

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ROCKETBOY may be fuelling for take off!

As many of you will know, I have spent many years working on a project called Rocketboy – and yesterday we had the best meeting yet with a very serious possible producer who just loved it. This has kicked me into MASSIVE ACTION, which is a terrific feeling. Already I have knuckled down and penned […]

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Are you ready for a crash?

Last week I had a spectacular disk crash on my main computer. Thank god I am someone who is anal about backing up my data, and with some wailing and gnashing of teeth, I was up and running within a day. We all know computers crash, but we always think it will be someone else’s. […]

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