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Christopher Vogler’s Top Quotes For The Hero’s Journey

Christopher Vogler is one of the most influential teachers of screenwriting for me. His book, The Writer’s Journey, about the Hero’s Journey and mythic structure has influenced almost everything I do – in filmmaking, screenwriting and also presenting seminars. I am delighted that he is coming to the London Screenwriters’ Festival this year, as well […]

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5 Steps to Creating a Compelling Antagonist for Your Film… Meet the Nolan incarnation of The Joker

By Emma Hallewell Two important characters in every film are the protagonist and their antagonist, so I’m always looking for ways to create more interesting and compelling antagonists in my writing. One of my favourite antagonists is Heath Ledger’s The Joker (The Dark Knight, 2008), and I stumbled onto a great video by Lessons from […]

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There is no conspiracy to keep good writers out of the industry

‘There is no conspiracy to keep good writers out of the industry’. This was a quote from TV exec John Yorke that really resonated with me at the weekend during the Writing TV masterclass we ran with Pilar Alessandra. It’s actually a quote from Poldark screenwriter and LSF speaker this year Debbie Horsfield that John […]

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Tangerine: Shot on iPhone 5s and with near zero budget, the ultimate microbudget masterclass for filmmakers today

Tangerine, a no budget drama about trans sex workers in LA has been taking the festival circuit by storm, and it’s easy to see why. Watch the trailer. What’s key here is that it was shot on iPhones. I am not advocating every indie film be shot on an iPhone, but if you are procrastinating […]

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Why Star Wars endures so powerfully… It’s nothing to do with fan boys and EVERYTHING to do with values, courage and humanity

The Star Wars universe and characters give access to young hearts and minds to powerful truths and beliefs about good and evil. But most importantly for these young hearts and minds, it unlocks and unleashes courage and potential to take a stand for their OWN truths and beliefs. JJ Abrams knows this and there are […]

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Echoes in eternity: In conversation with William Nicholson at the London Screenwriters Festival

Screenwriter of ‘Gladiator’, William Nicholson delivered an outstanding session at the London Screenwriters Festival this year, crammed with hard won lessons, pragmatic advice and inspirational wisdom. It’s essential viewing for any story teller, filmmaker or screenwriter. The LSF’15 early bird pass is still on sale for £270 of £27 for ten months. You can get […]

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