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Day Of The Flowers: Ten Tips for shooting in the heat and humidity abroad

Last year, DP Vernon Layton spent a couple of months in Cuba shooting Day Of The Flowers which is released this weekend. As you may know, Vernon is a close friend who shot ‘Gone Fishing’. I asked him to share his experiences while shooting in a tropical, hot and humid environment. Of course, insect repellent, […]

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After years working in the real world finding my life rushing past me faster and faster, it’s finally slowed down again… guest blog

  Following the Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass I asked some film makers to write guest blog entries. Here’s what Andy Phelps offered…   ‘My partner-in-crime, Jake Hawkins, and I have been working on our first feature full-time since January this year; victims of the recession and the need to go and do something more creatively […]

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Could you shoot your next project with stunning High Dynamic Range (HDR) Cinematography?

One of the problems with any image capture system, be it film or digital, is that of the available latitude. That is, the difference between absolute black and absolute white – latitude. This ‘scale’ is measured in photographic ‘stops’, (aka ‘F stop’ or ‘T stop’). As a film maker you will be familiar with these […]

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It’s a disaster… but not for us. My good friend and director, Johnny Newman, shot a film (At Home With The Finkels) late last year using the Viper Camera – a high end HD format that records data to drives and not to tape (or obviously film). That means there is no tape or film […]

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Pickup shoot is 100% success!

Saturday morning, the day after the pickup shoot, and I am looking out of my window in amazement at the weather. According to the BBC it should be bright sun, and it’s grey and miserable. Yesterday on the other hand, the day we shot, WAS AMAZING SUNSHINE! We could not have been luckier with the […]

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