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McKendrink on Film Making

Cutting Dialogue from your screenplay, a masterclass in minimalism for Screenwriters

As I have been rewriting Rocketboy, I have also been re-reading some of my favourite screenwriting books. I have been looking for tips, tricks, insights and wisdom on the screenwriting concept that writing is rewriting. But it’s also about being tough in those rewrites. Killing your darlings. There are a few very good books on […]

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Know Your Audience…

When I am watching a movie that is brilliantly written, it leaves me kind of breathless. Because I know just how much hard work goes into writing a screenplay that breezes along effortlessly, with no friction, without a single scrap of waste, simultaneously surprising and obvious at each turn (‘how is he going to get […]

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Starbucks is my new office!

Starbucks is now my new office. With their Coffee Card, I can get free wireless at any Starbies, which means I can spend a whole day sitting in my new office, taking meetings and making Skype phone calls in between. Of course the Skype headset does make me feel like I am in a call […]

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Gone Fishing now on DVD!

Now that our multi award winning movie, Gone Fishing, has been to several festivals and received its Academy Qualifier screening in Los Angeles, we can now release the film on DVD! All proceeds will be re-invested into the drive for the Oscars and for submission to other film festivals. There are two versions. One for […]

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Dinard Film Festival Begins Tomorrow

I am packing now as tomorrow am I fly out to Dinard (France), to the film festival. Every year a large chunk of the British film industry jump onto a chartered plane and head of to Brittany, for the festival – it’s a British festival in France you see. I am an official guest of […]

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We are going to the Bahamas!

Last night I received confirmation that we are officially selected for the Bahamas International Film Festival. FANTASTIC! (their webiste is not updated to include the films for this year) I can’t wait as it will be a wonderful break, a chance to work on the script for Rocketboy and an opportunity to meet a load […]

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Another nomination announced!

Today is a day of preparations for a slew of amazing events coming up. First off, I got a call from Turner Classic Movies to tell me that ‘Gone Fishing’ has been shortlisted for the awards. They are now sending out a DVD to the final judges with six selected films. Hoorah! You can see […]

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The day of the screening

To say I was nervous would have been an understatement. Yesterday was the key screening of ‘Gone Fishing’ for Producer Marc Samuelson, the screening that we had been aiming at for the last year. Gone Fishing was produced to show Marc just what I could do as a director, so it was all riding on […]

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Today is the day…

So today is the big day, the reason why we made ‘Gone Fishing’ in the fist place… to screen it to Marc Samuelson to show my abilities as a director with a view to my staying on board Rocketboy… And so I have been reflecting on the past year and thought I would share some […]

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Translating Gone Fishing

Translating Gone Fishing has turned into both a bigger job than expected, but at the same time, easier job than I feared, mainly due to the incredible help I have received. Subtitle Workshop has proved to be a great little free tool, a little clunky in places, but nonetheless, it does what it says on […]

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Final DVD – death and resurrection!

I had just about mastered the final DVD’s for Gone Fishing, in both PAL and NTSC, with both Dolby Digital and DTS sound, with perfect picture (even the NTSC thanks to a great system trascoder called Canopus Procoder 3)… And then I got the dreaded email. We had missed a person off the credits. And […]

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I got a few responses from yesterdays blog and I just wanted to share with you one from a film maker I met on one of my courses a few years back, Oli Lewington… Hey Chris, I’m a long-time follower of your various activities – got the books, done the course, blah blah blah. I […]

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Gone Fishing Update

OK – Here is a brief update as to where we are at with Gone Fishing. From this point onward, we plan to make regular updates to this page, but for now, here is a potted history of how we got here, to July 12th 2007. Back in May, Marc Samuelson from Samuelson Productions, read […]

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The Sky Is The Limit

I have been researching into private rocketry for Rocketboy and saw a wonderful doc about Burt Rattan and his SpaceShipOne, and how he won the $10m X prize. This was a privately funded group of dedicated experts who built the first private spaceship, got it into space and then brought it, and it’s passengers back […]

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